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Direct IBAN accounts

Multi-currency IBAN accounts are provided directly through B2BPaySolution.

Give your consumers access to Fast & Simple online banking payments. Our solution makes payments much easier to manage and powers your business.

Debit Cards

Whether you need a card for purchases or you need payment solutions to help you better manage and track expenses, we have the right solution for you

Helps you accurately account for all aspects of your business expenses. Eliminates guesswork and maximizes efficiency.

Payment Processing

B2BPaySolution enables you to design merchant accounts, that offer your customers the payment options they want.

We are here to help your business improve cash flow and increase sales with secure data transactions and fraud protection.

EU Regulated Payment Provider you can rely on!

B2BPaySolution is an FCA-regulated financial technology company headquartered in London, UK that offers a range of personal and business banking and payment services.

We are proud to provide one of the best Payment Solution with the Lowest Fees in the industry! Accept Money Across Borders securely & cost-effectively.

Payment Features


B2BPaySolution is a UK-based payment service provider. As an Authorised Electronic Money Institution (AEMI), B2BPaySolution is regulated by the FCA.

Bank Accounts

With B2BPaySolution, settlements can be received directly into your bank account. Our service makes every transaction efficient and hassle-free.

Secure & Reliable

B2BPaymentSolution offers a secure and reliable service. Transactions are analysed in real-time in order to quickly identify and prevent fraudulent activities.

Increase efficiency

Enhanced efficiency and stability of payment services are par for the course with B2BPaySolution reliable payment platform.

Diversify risks

With B2BPaySolution, client funds are stored in separate accounts across several banks. Settlements therefore take place as quickly and securely as possible.

Expand globally

Expand your business operations by accepting card payments from users across the globe with B2BPaymentSolution acquiring services.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure your customers have the best experience possible with our comprehensive range of payment options that cover all your requirements.

Cost effective

Minimal costs, reduced time and increased payment success rates are just a few of the key benefits you can experience using B2BPaySolution.


B2BPaySolution is an FCA-regulated financial technology company headquartered in London, UK that offers a range of banking and payment services.

From worldwide money transfers, issuing e-wallets and prepaid cards, to setting up direct debits, processing standing orders, BACS/CHAPS payments and mobile payment transactions, B2BPaySolution makes every type of payment easy and secure!